A former student of Atelier Met de Penninghen and ENSAD in Paris, classically trained in fine arts and visual communication, I have been working in the field of moving images since the early 90’s. I am now an expert in 2d animation processes and craft. 

I started my career working as a designer, director, creative director for french TV networks. In 1993 I partnered with friends in our own production company, “Temps Reel Productions”, working on Broadcast design, institutional films, pilots and documentaries. After a few years the world of broadcast design started feeling a bit stale, and I was ready for new adventures.

I moved to California in 2000 and joined Acme Filmworks to work on commercial experimental animation, working on A list commercials and ad campaigns (United, AT&T, Suntory water, Charmin, Ritz amongst many others) as a jack of all trades with a number of world renowned animators. My responsibilities included technical direction, compositing, color grading, creating pipelines to bring artisanal processes to digital pipelines without compromising the integrity of the original styles esthetics, and the occasional directing gig.

Sometimes around 2010 I started working with Titmouse studio to work on animated TV shows and pilots as a technical director and digital compositing artist, contributing to a long string of projects, including Metalocalypse, Black Dynamite, Turbo Fast, Moonbeam City, Niko and the Sword of Light, Little big awesome, Nerdland, Star Wars Galaxy of Adventures, Midnight Gospel, Star Trek Lower Decks, Pantheon, Legends of Vox Machina, Scavengers Reign, amongst many other projects. I also had some minor but worthwhile impacts improving some aspects of production pipelines at Titmouse. These days I work mostly as digital composite supervisor in close collaboration with supervising directors and art directors, helping creative teams and artists deliver the best possible shows within time, budget and sanity.

My goal always remains to work on ever more beautifully written and artfully crafted animated films and series, and consistently elevate projects.

I also sometimes manage to make time to work on art pieces with some of my very dear friends, like Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis’s “Caelestis” projection for the National Ballet of Canada, or their latest short film, the oscar nominated “The Flying Sailor”.

As an unexpected turn of fate, I also became a swim instructor and a water aerobics teacher in 2010, and was thrilled to teach classes at the Santa Monica Swim Center for over a decade, teaching kids how to be grown ups, and grown ups how to be kids. I am also an avid long distance backpacker, and I partake in landscape photography to relax from the grind of animation work.

Here is my most recent demo Reel, from 2014. One of these days I shall find the time to cut a new reel. 🙂